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Gampola Police: 0812352222

Urban Council: 0812352275

Divisional Secretary Office: 0812352236 / 0812352585

General Hospital: 812351247-8

Electricity Board: 0812352385

Water Board: 0812350497

Post Office: 0812352250


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Welcome to Gampola City 

Gampola is a beautiful town in situated in Valley Surrounded on all side by hills. Its ancient name was Gangasiripura so called because of the Mahaweli (Mahaweli Ganga) flowing by its side. This region formed part of Maya Ratta and in the present day it falls within Kandy District, Central Province. It is about 470 m above the sea level with a temperature between 18C – 24C it has an annual average rainfall of 1450mm. So, Gampola is town that receives the above mentioned rainfall because of the Monsoon rains.

     The base point for the entire central province is located at the cemetery in Gampola. There fore people in Gampola consider it to have great value.

Gampola is a Main junction from where people can travel to Hatton, Nuwaraeliya, Kotmale, Colombo, Kandy etc.

Devoloping be town into Modern City

     Gampola is a multi national and multi religious town. At present it population of 42853 out of which there are 20722 males and 22131 females, according to the distribution of community and religion. Population List->>>>

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Useful Numbers in Gampola.

 Police: 0812352222

 Urban Council: 0812352275

 General Hospital:

 812351247- 8

 Electricity Board: 0812352385

 Water Board: 0812350497

 Post Office: 0812352250

 Divisional Secretary Office:

 0812352236 / 0812352585 779053424

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Ambuluwawa peak situated in the center of Gampola Kingdom established by the great Sinhala King Buvanekabahu IV. Tell me more>>

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Galboda Waterfall (Galaboda)


Galboda is an isolated village located in between Nawalapitiya & Watawala, in the Colombo-Badulla, the upcountry railway. Since there is not a well developed road system yet, the railway is the only source of transportation for the villages & travelers. Tell me More >>>

Ambekke Devalaya

Emebekke Devalaya Build by king Vikramabahu the 3rd of Gampola (A.D 1357-1374) the shrine consists of three sections, the sanctum or the Garbha, the Digge or dancing hall and the Hevisimandapaya or the Drummers hall. Tell me more>>


Royal Botanic Gardens - Peradeniya

Sri Lanka’s botanic gardens have a long and proud history, punctuated by colonialism, and industrial change. Throughout this period the gardens have continued to flourish, and the plant collections and herbarium grown. Within the context of the 21st century, Tell me More>>

Ramboda Waterfalls

Ramboda waterfalls is situated at Ramboda of Nuwaraeliya district of Sri Lanka. Ramboda is at between Nuwaraeliya and Gampola towns. Tell me More>>






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