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     Gampola is a multi national and multi religious town. At present it population of 42853 out of which there are 20722 males and 22131 females, according to the distribution of community and religion. The data can be presented as follows;

Population 42853 Male 25,204
Female 22,131


Sinhalese 25,204
Sri Lanka Tamil 2,811
Indian Tamil 1,446
Sri Lanka Moor 12,550
Burgher 75
Malay 266
Other 42
Religion Buddhist 23,987
Hindu 4,086
Islam 12,837
Roman Catholic 837
Other Christian 374
Others 10

2009 Estimation

The Area of the city is 5,566 sq. Miles

     Many temples and shrines such as Gadaladeniya, Ambekke, Lankathilaka, Niyangampaya, Bothalapitiya, Gangathilaka Ganarama, Ranthatiya, Rathanagara Viharaya, etc: but Gadaladeniya, Ambekke and Lankathilaka are out side the Gampola town.

The mountain to the west are located 1km away from Gampola town is known Ambuluwawa rock hill Which is 3560 feet above sea level, and is parched on 927 acres. From the top of Ambuluwawa five mountains can be see, including SRIPADA.



Source: Gampola Library



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